Thi trắc nghiệm

Thi trắc nghiệm

Đề thi tốt nghiệp THPT tiếng Anh năm 2009

Thời gian làm bài 35 phút
Mức độ:
Khối: D
Loại: 12
Môn: Tiếng Anh
Thời gian làm bài còn:

  • Câu 1. They are not ______ to take part in this program of the World Health Organization.
  • Câu 2. I'm going ______ for a few days so don’t send me any more work.
  • Câu 3. A scientist who studies living things is a ______.
  • Câu 4. The football match was postponed ______ the bad weather.
  • Câu 5. Yesterday I met your brother, ______ had taken us to the Headquarters of the United Nations in New York before.
  • Câu 6. ______ students attended the meeting that there weren't enough chairs for all of them.
  • Câu 7. Peter doesn't like scuba-diving. ______ does his brother.
  • Câu 8. Endangered species ______ by the World Wildlife Fund.
  • Câu 9. Maria: "Thanks for the lovely evening."
    Diana: "______."
  • Câu 10. High school students should be ______ for their future jobs before leaving school.
  • Câu 11. The government initiated the programme of ______ reform in the 1980s.
  • Câu 12. Kim: "What ______ this weekend?"
    Sally: "Oh, we're going windsurfing. It's fantastic!"
  • Câu 13. She didn't want to go ______ she knew all her friends would be there.
  • Câu 14. If I had the map now, I ______ a short-cut across the desert.
  • Câu 15. Kevin: "How far is it from here to the nearest post office?" Lan: "______."
  • Câu 16. Pat: "Would you like something to eat?"
    Kathy: "______. I'm not hungry now."
  • Câu 17. I first met her two years ago when we ______ at Oxford University.
  • Câu 18. David: "Could you bring me some water?" Waiter: "______."
  • Câu 19. The recycling of waste paper ______ save a great amount of wood pulp.
  • Câu 20. If I were you, I would advise her ______ the new teaching method.
  • Câu 21. He went back to work in his country after he ______ his course on Advanced Engineering in London.
  • Câu 22. Ellen: "______?" Tom: "He's tall and thin with blue eyes."
  • Câu 23. Could you fill out this ______ form?
  • Câu 24. My father decided to ______ smoking after he had been smoking for ten years.
  • Câu 25. My father is very busy. ______, he is always willing to give a hand with the housework.
  • Câu 26. ______, we couldn't have continued with the project.
  • Câu 27. Alex did not do very well in class ______.
  • Câu 28. The more you talk about the situation, ______.
  • Câu 29. Those boys took a long ladder ______.
  • Câu 30. She regretted to tell him that ______.

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