Thi trắc nghiệm

Thi trắc nghiệm

Đề thi tốt nghiệp THPT tiếng Anh năm 2011

Thời gian làm bài 35 phút
Mức độ:
Khối: D
Loại: 12
Môn: Tiếng Anh
Thời gian làm bài còn:

  • Câu 1. My father doesn’t smoke and he doesn’t drink.
  • Câu 2. Without transportation, our modern society would not exist
  • Câu 3. “Remember to bring your books,” he said.
  • Câu 4. The restaurant is so badly managed________
  • Câu 5. If you didn’t get rid of smoking_______.
  • Câu 6. We first ________ each other in London in 2006.
  • Câu 7. All of our rain forests ____ unless we find some ways to stop people from cutting down trees.
  • Câu 8. ____ his serious disease, he tried to finish writing his novel.
  • Câu 9. The $22^{nd}$ Southeast Asian Games were____ in Vietnam from 5th to 13th December 2003.
  • Câu 10. Sales were poor last month; ____, there has been an increase this month.
  • Câu 11. The gardener fertilizes his land to ____ it more productive.
  • Câu 12. She suggested ____ for a drink.
  • Câu 13. Nowadays more and more women go out to work, and they become more ____ than they used to.
  • Câu 14. The salesman left a good _______ on his customers.
  • Câu 15. A new study group has been set _______ by the government.
  • Câu 16. Each of us must take ______ for our own actions.
  • Câu 17. This machine is ________ easy to install and cheap to operate.
  • Câu 18. He is very ______ because he is concerned only with his own interests and feelings.
  • Câu 19. Please remember to ________ the lights as you leave the room.
  • Câu 20. The factory in ______ John works is the biggest in the town.
  • Câu 21. Two thieves _______ at a bus stop were arrested yesterday.
  • Câu 22. Susan : "Can you do the cooking today?"
    Bill : "_________."
  • Câu 23. Reading books is still one of _____ most popular forms of entertainment.
  • Câu 24. They laughed a lot last night. The film ________ have been very funny.
  • Câu 25. Last night, the train was delayed ____ the flood.
  • Câu 26. The longer he waited, _______ impatient he got.
  • Câu 27. Phil :" I'd like to become a tour guide. What do you think I should do?"
  • Câu 28. I am studying hard _______ get a place at a good university.
  • Câu 29. George : "In my opinion, action films are exciting".
    Frankie : "______"
  • Câu 30. We will always _______ the wonderfull winter holiday we had in Australia.

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