Thi trắc nghiệm

Thi trắc nghiệm

Đề thi tốt nghiệp THPT tiếng Anh năm 2012

Thời gian làm bài 35 phút
Mức độ:
Khối: D
Loại: 12
Môn: Tiếng Anh
Thời gian làm bài còn:

  • Câu 1. Mrs Smith, ______ has a lot of teaching experience, is going to join our school in September.
  • Câu 2. The harder you try, ______ you get.
  • Câu 3. My children ______ interested in kangaroos lately.
  • Câu 4. We have enough food at home so we ______ do any shopping today.
  • Câu 5. Jack: “I’m going to take a five-day trip to Rome.”
    Jill: “______”
  • Câu 6. I'll stay behind after the party and help you _______.
  • Câu 7. Bill: “Let’s stop for a drink.”
    Bruce: “______”
  • Câu 8. If she ______ her husband, he couldn’t have finished his project.
  • Câu 9. The panda’s ______ habitat is the bamboo forest.
  • Câu 10. Students should pay ______ to what their teachers say.
  • Câu 11. Michael ______ water sports when he was younger.
  • Câu 12. She played ______ confidently but her timing was not good.
  • Câu 13. The government ______ the earthquake victims with food, clothes and medicine.
  • Câu 14. The national football team ______ every effort to win the match yesterday.
  • Câu 15. For this job you will need a good ______ of both Italian and Spanish.
  • Câu 16. Since the computer ______ it has made considerable changes to our daily life.
  • Câu 17. I've never seen such an interesting ______ before.
  • Câu 18. Could you please _______ my laptop while I am out?
  • Câu 19. The vegetables ______ in this supermarket are always fresh.
  • Câu 20. This novel is supposedly based ______ a true story.
  • Câu 21. I like reading books _______ this is a good way to get information.
  • Câu 22. Mary: “What a nice dress you’re wearing, Jane!”
    Jane: “______”
  • Câu 23. Most parents do not allow their children ______ out late.
  • Câu 24. “If I were you, I would do morning exercise regularly,” said John.
  • Câu 25. People say that these villagers are hospitable.
  • Câu 26. I have never eaten this kind of fruit before.
  • Câu 27. Tom asked Janet where ______ the previous Sunday.
  • Câu 28. These secretaries were the only people ______.

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